Discover the all-new ARM designation

Master relevant and emerging risk management concepts with the all-new Associate in Risk Management (ARM™) designation. D
eveloped with input, insights, and perspectives from risk industry experts, the courses now give you the risk knowledge you need to:


Manage key hazard, financial, operational and strategic risks


Employ a global perspective on risk management, with real-world examples and strategies


Convert risk concepts to on-the-job action with communication and collaboration skills

Course Format:

  • Videos, case studies and applicable content
  • Practice quizzes for each assignment and full course quiz afterward
  • A simulated exam that mirrors what to expect on test day
  • Designed to promote active learning, and improve understanding and retention

Good news: The ARM courses you have already taken count toward the new ARM designation!


How it works:

If you have already taken ARM 54 and are currently studying ARM 55, ARM 54 counts as credit for ARM 400. You can finish ARM 55 and test by March 15, 2020, as credit for ARM 401. After that, you would move onto ARM 402 to complete the new designation.

What are my options as a student?

Finish your course Sign up for a new ARM course

Test on the materials you already have through March 15, 2020.


This exam will count towards your ARM designation as long as you test by March 15, 2020. Then move onto the next new course you need.

Keep the momentum going and purchase your next ARM course.  


Important: Starting on April 15, 2020, The Institutes will offer exams on new ARM courses only.